Science Fair Judges

Wynn PhotoScience Fair Judges are needed though out the school year especially November through January. Most schools have students prepare their projects prior to the Denver Public Schools District Science Fair which is held in February. Our volunteer judges’ backgrounds cover a broad spectrum from geologists, chemists, engineers, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, researchers, teachers, biologists and bankers. Having a deep love of science as well as knowledge about the scientific method makes for a good judge. Most importantly, science fair judges have a great desire to assist, guide, and encourage young people’s interest in science.

During a science fair, volunteer judges meet with students one on one or in small groups to discuss each science fair project. Science Fairs take three to four hours depending upon the number of projects and the number of judges. The fairs are typically held during the school day (~ 8am-3pm).

Qualifications: Familiarity with the scientific method, ability to commit to the full timeframe of the designated fair and an ability to interact with students ranging from grades one through twelve.

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