Family Night Descriptions

All evenings begin with a pizza and lemonade supper for families.


All About Bugs– Families rotate to three activity stations: meeting live insects, hearing bug songs or stories and then completing insect related, hands-on art projects.

Colorado History– Families rotate to different centers to learn about the history of Colorado including such topics as mountain men, Four Mile House, pioneer times, Molly Brown, or pioneer toys.

Hands-On Art– Facilitated by a local art educator, families create hands-on art projects utilizing colorful art supplies, including “upcycled” materials. All art supplies are provided.

Health and Wellness– Families rotate to different stations to learn about topics related to their health and safety such as family fitness, helmet safety, nutrition, dental hygiene and family yoga.

Let’s Get Moving– Families rotate to different stations to try a variety of ways to get moving such as yoga, hip hop, jump rope or Zumba.

Math and Games– Families rotate to different math stations where they learn and play math games. Each family receives the materials and instructions to continue playing the games at home.

Multicultural Celebration– Families rotate to different stations to learn about the culture, music, or dance of various countries.

Participation Plays-Everyone plays a role in this production whether the participant is a “star” or part of the sound effects. Tales like “Snow White” or “Treasure Island” come to life with the students serving as actors.

Performance– Families enjoy an exciting cultural presentation together. Presenter choices might include Opera Colorado, African Rhythms, puppetry, music and dance from Mexico, participation plays, Show and Tell Band, and more.

Reading 101– While parents work with a reading specialist on the “Why’s and How To’s” of reading, their children enjoy stories read by CRI volunteers. After selecting new books to take home, the children rejoin their parents for shared reading time.

Reading With Reptiles– Families experience a special evening that focuses on both science and literacy, featuring fiction and non-fiction books and a presentation that includes live reptiles.

Response to Literacy– Families listen to a story read by a CRI volunteer, the story concludes before the ending is read. Families write/draw their own endings to the story and have the opportunity to share those endings with their group. Students select a new book to take home.

Science Discovery– Families rotate to science stations to learn about a variety of topics such as chemistry magic, live animals and rocketry.

Young Authors– CRI provides an author, storyteller or illustrator to enhance a school’s Young Author Celebration.

Your Choice– Events can be designed to meet a school’s specific needs or vision.

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