Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the students of DPS! Your expertise and passion help learning come alive.

When a presentation is requested by a school you can expect to be contacted by our staff to arrange the best date and time for the presentation. Our primary mode of communication will be email and/or phone. Your confirmation information, reminder and evaluation form will be sent electronically. Please review this confirmation information when you receive it and call our office if you have any questions.

Making the most of your visit

On the day of your scheduled presentation:

  • Report to the school office. A student will meet you there or the office staff will direct you to your classroom.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher and the class.
  • Set the mood, capture their attention. Tell the class what you intend for them to know when you have completed your program.
  • Hands on activities create a unique learning opportunity. Using visual materials (charts, pictures, artifacts, costumes, etc.) to illustrate your topic will help maintain high interest. Interactive presentations are always well received.
  • Students need reinforcement; emphasize key points by repeating or summarizing them as you go along.
  • Don’t rush, but try not to go over the time allotted for your presentation. If you feel that you may run over, check with the teacher to see if it fits with his/her schedule. Allow time for a question period at the end of your presentation.
  • When possible leave the class with suggestions for follow-up activities related to your topic.

Additional information:


  • If teachers contact you directly to set up classroom visits, please inform them that all arrangements should be made through the CRI office.
  • If you need to cancel your scheduled presentation, please get in touch with our office ASAP. 720-424-2300
  • Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher. If you feel that proper behavior is not being maintained, feel free to terminate your presentation at any time; also, include this information on your Speaker Evaluation form.
  • Please complete the Speaker Evaluation Form. (or visit the evaluation tab under Classroom Speakers on this site)
  • You may advertise in our catalog, info link “here

Important Information for Presenters or Programs with fees

It is the presenter’s responsibility to complete all of the required paperwork for payment in a timely manner. 
  • An Independent Contractor’s Agreement (ICA) is required for each school visit. You will receive an email from DPS with instructions on completing each ICA. This must be done prior to your school visit.

Pelley 5It is your responsibility to complete all of the required paperwork for payment in a timely manner.
CRI will forward the required paperwork along with your confirmation information. This is to aid in facilitating the process.

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