Making the most of your presentations

Before the visit

  • t3Prepare your students for the topic
  • Please advise your school’s office of your presenter’s date and arrival time / place on master calendar
  • Have any requested equipment available and set up before your guest presenter arrives
  • Please notify us if you have a substitute on the day of the presentation. Our policy is to allow the presenter the choice of rescheduling the program if the regular classroom teacher will not be present.
  • If you need to make any changes, i.e. add a class, change number of students please email Adrienne_Yang@dpsk12.org or call our office first or 720-424-2300

Day of the visit

  • Assign a student to escort the presenter from the office to your classroom and assist in carrying materials or equipment
  • Introduce your guest presenter to your class, including topic they will be sharing
  • Stay with your class and be an active participant – Classroom management is your responsibility
  • Take photos when possible. CRI and the presenters would love to see and possibly share them!

After the visit

  • Complete the evaluation form that was emailed to you with your confirmation information, also sent with the reminder email. An eval form can now be found on our website, evaluation tab under Classroom Speakers. Your feedback is very important as it helps us ensure high quality programs.
  • Presenters love to receive thank you messages from students. Letters you have reviewed may be sent to CRI’s office via school mail and we will gladly forward them on to the presenter / organization.

Additional Tips

  • t1Early requests help ensure your presenter and desired date are available. Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks to fill your request and six (6) weeks for programs with fees.
  • One presentation topic per request on each card / request form and include an alternative topic.
  • Fill in all fields. Providing additional information specific to your class in the comments field is helpful
  • Once your request has been scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation from CRI and an Outlook calendar message, by accepting this meeting/program you have confirmed date, time etc. This helps everyone stay organized, so please acknowledge it.
  • “Source of payment” is required for programs with fees. Please provide the funding source when making a request for presentations with fees. These programs require a minimum of six (6) weeks to schedule due to the Independent Contractor’s Agreement (ICA) paperwork. This is a contract between your school and the presenter.
  • Field trip reminder : transportation arrangements and payment are the responsibility of the school / teacher


Let us know if you have ideas for a speaker or topic that is not listed in our catalog.

We will do our best to identify and schedule a fit for your class

Use the Classroom Speakers Program… there are so many fabulous speakers from which to choose!

Thank you…. here’s to a great year!

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