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“Cooking Colfax:”: An Extraordinary School and Community Collaboration

Senior student Evan Wells is heavily interested in every aspect of film, but sometimes struggled to find his niche. Through Community Resources’Academic Mentors Project, Wells was matched with a mentor – local film producer Dave Wruck.

This partnership led to Wells creating a short film called, “Cooking Colfax.” His production highlights the culinary mentorship of an eighth-grade Morey Middle School student who was also mentored at To the Wind Bistro, a local neighborhood restaurant.

Thanks to the Big Brain Club for its support of this exciting project.

Henry Rogers, a high school junior in Denver Public Schools, recently had the opportunity for a wonderful mentorship in the field of technology as part of CRI’s Academic Mentorship Program. Many thanks to the Big Brain Club and Aspenware, a progressive technology company, for their support in making this mentorship possible.

Watch the video below for a inside look at this special mentorship.

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